Ridolla – Premilcuore

Welcome to the authenticity of Ca' Ridolla's cuisine

Romagna and Tuscany meet at the table

At Ca’ Ridolla, the flavors and traditions of Tuscany and Romagna come together to create an experience. In the heart of this charming estate, Ca’ Ridolla’s cuisine offers a rich selection of dishes that celebrate deep roots and a passion for regional cooking.

What makes the culinary experience at Ca’ Ridolla unique is the use of fresh, organic ingredients sourced directly from the estate’s small garden. Here, vegetables and herbs are grown with love and dedication, ensuring exceptional quality and respect for the environment. Each dish prepared in this kitchen tells a story of tradition, sustainability, and authenticity.

Fresh ingredients are transformed into dishes that encapsulate centuries of flavors passed down from generation to generation.

Meals at Ca’ Ridolla are not just about nourishment but a celebration of traditions, environmental care, and love for quality food. Each dish is a tribute to the richness of Tuscan-Romagnan cuisine, and every ingredient is carefully chosen to ensure an unforgettable taste experience.

Join us at Ca’ Ridolla and embark on a culinary journey filled with emotions and authentic flavors, all thanks to the freshness and passion that characterize every dish served here.

Scents, aromas, and flavors of the finest Tuscan-Romagnan traditions

The dishes of the Tuscan-Romagnan tradition


  • Assorted local cold cuts & pecorino cheese with red onions
  • Veal porchetta
  • Local egg with black truffle
  • Aged wild boar sausage

Homemade First Courses:

  • Pumpkin and potato tortelli with meat sauce
  • Pumpkin and potato tortelli with black truffle
  • Tortelli filled with herbs and ricotta with meat sauce/porcini mushrooms/butter and sage
  • Tagliatelle with meat sauce/porcini mushrooms
  • Tagliatelle with black truffle
  • Strozzapreti with vegan sauce

* White truffle first courses available only by reservation, price depending on seasonal availability

Grilled Main Courses:

  • Florentine steak
  • Sliced Florentine steak with arugula and balsamic vinegar
  • Mixed pork
  • Lamb chops
  • Wild boar chop
  • Venison chop
  • Beef fillet with black truffle or porcini mushrooms
  • Veal tomahawk
  • Pork tomahawk


Oven-Baked Main Courses:

  • Pork shank
  • Roast rabbit
  • Assorted baked vegetables sides


Homemade Desserts:

  • Amaretti semifreddo with fresh cream and almonds
  • Panna cotta with orange blossom essence
  • Creme caramel
  • Mixed berry tart


Typical Products for Sale

Mushrooms, truffles, walnuts, chestnuts, cured meats, liqueurs, and jams.