Ridolla – Premilcuore

Ca' Ridolla. Horseback riding trails in the heart of the Casentinesi Forests Park

ridolla premilcuore il maneggio e le gite a cavallo

Equestrian tourism.
Horseback riding trails in the Casentinesi Forests Park.

Horseback rides in the picturesque Casentinesi Forests Park, initiated from Ca’ Ridolla, offer an extraordinary experience for nature and animal lovers. This charming corner of Tuscany, nestled between the hills of the Valdarno and the Apennines, represents a perfect blend of scenic beauty and rural traditions. From Ca’ Ridolla, you can embark on thrilling horseback excursions through ancient forests, crystal-clear streams, and scenic trails. This experience allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature, discovering the secrets of the park and forming a unique bond with the noble steeds that lead us to explore this fascinating land.

One day horseback riding excursions

Ridolla-Lodge il Sassello
Ridolla- Lodge del Cucco
Ridolla- Lodge la Fratta
Excursion along the Rabbi River


Equestrian tourism

Two days on horseback

Ridolla-Acquacheta (Dante Alighieri’s waterfall)
1st day Departure Ridolla, M. Gemelli, Pian delle Tavole, S. Benedetto, Acquacheta, Romiti.
2nd day Romiti, Muraglione, Tre Faggi, Bucine, I Piani, Ridolla

Ridolla-Badia Prataglia
1st day Departure Ridolla, Fontanelle, Passo la Calla, Poggio Scali, Prato alla Penna, Badia Prataglia.
2nd day Badia Prataglia, Poggio tre Confini, La Lama, La Seghettina, S.Paolo in Alpe, Corniolo, Ridolla

Ridolla – Monte dei Gralli
1st day Departure Ridolla, Castel dell’Alpe, Tre Faggi, Monte dei Gralli
2nd day Monte dei Gralli, Rifugio Sassello, Fiumicello, Ridolla.

All roads lead to… Nature

Six-day route “The Hermitages of the Park”

1st Departure Ridolla- Campigna, Calla Pass, Camaldoli.

2nd Camaldoli, Padia Prataglia, La Verna

3° La Verna, the Caselle Hermitage

4th Caselle Hermitage, San Piero in Bagno

5th San Piero in Bagno, Rio petroso, Santa Sofia

6th Santa Sofia, Ridolla

In forest immersion

To delve deeply into nature

A different experience from the usual, allowing us to rediscover and expand our senses, gradually reconnecting with nature, freeing ourselves from the stress of daily life, relaxing the body and its internal organs, clearing the mind of thoughts and problems, calming emotions until we find a state of greater well-being, pleasure, and fluidity of existence.

Ridolla premilcuore, escursioni. mountain bike, a cavallo, passeggiate nella foresta
Ridolla premilcuore, escursioni. mountain bike, a cavallo, passeggiate nella foresta

The forest immersion begins with an easy walk that gradually leads us into nature and continues with simple guided sensory experiences that spark new internal connections with ourselves and with the surrounding environment.

Suitable for both adults and children, it takes place in small groups, couples, or individuals.
Duration: 1 hour and 15 to 30 minutes.

Mountain biking excursions

The course for beginners and experts

Basic MTB technique lessons, a comprehensive and practical course aimed at achieving a first level of autonomy on the bike.

Ridolla Premilcuore escursioni e corsi di mountain bike per principianti ed esperti

We start from understanding the functioning of the bicycle to reach its correct usage safely.

We cover balance work, proper use of brakes, gears, pedals, and correct riding positions on easy trails. Basic maintenance of the MTB and emergency repairs are also included.

For those already familiar with MTB riding and aiming for a higher level of safety and handling on more challenging trails, we offer advanced technique lessons. This includes uphill and downhill riding, safety positions, overcoming small obstacles, precision in movements, and balance on more complex sections.

We can also organize tours and excursions for individuals with moderate MTB riding experience.

The lessons are conducted using participants’ own bicycles, and adult E-bikes are available for rent.

Lessons are available for both children and adults, either individually or in small groups.
Lesson duration: 1 hour.

Horseback riding lessons

Riding in natural paradises

Ridolla Premilcuore escursioni a cavallo e lezioni di equitazione

Basic horseback riding lessons for beginners who want to get to know the horse, its care, habits, and establish a good relationship based on trust and respect. Participants will also learn basic riding techniques and the three gaits.

Advanced horseback riding lessons for countryside and mid-mountain terrain for those aiming to acquire specific techniques to tackle trails of varying difficulty with greater autonomy and safety. This includes proper horse management in mountain environments, orientation, and cartography.

Equipment and planning for multi-day horseback riding excursions throughout all seasons of the year.

Horseback riding lessons combined with psychological support for those who have had negative experiences with horses and want to rebuild confidence in their abilities and in horses themselves.

Horseback riding lessons for children with learning and relational difficulties: Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), Special Educational Needs (SEN), mild to moderate language delay.

Lessons can also be followed by individuals with hearing impairment using Italian Sign Language (LIS).

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